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A company built by dog owners, for dog owners. We launched in December 2022, because in the sea of pet supplements and products we wanted to give you a simple, fully transparent solution, that helps your dog from the inside out. We founded BARKODE for all non-experts who want to give their dog the best, and for our dogs, who mean the world to us.
Why give your dog supplements?
Soft chew supplements are not a substitute for a healthy food and a healthy lifestyle, but together they ensure a better quality of life from the inside out! They target specific areas and help your dog where and when he needs it the most! In addition to physical and mental exercises, providing your dog with a healthy diet, and proper dental care, supplements can help make your dog live longer and keep them feeling youthful well into their golden years.
How to dose and feed the soft chews?
Our chews are tailored specifically to the size of your dog. To dogs that weigh 10kg or less, you can give 1 chew per day, to dogs between 10 and 30kg, 2 chews per day, and to dogs over 30kg, 3 chews per day. For preventive care you can lower the dosage to half.
How to feed the soft chews?
Thanks to our special gourmet recipe, simply offer the chews to your dog after their daily meal and watch them go crazy about them!
Can I give my dog different Barkode soft chews on the same day?
Yes, you can.
How many chews are in one tub?
There are 30 chews in each tub.
What happens if I accidentally give my dog too many chews?
If you accidentally give your dog too many chews, see a veterinarian as soon as possible. If you’re unsure how many chews to give your dog, please see the Directions for use at the top of the page.
Are the soft chews for human use also?
All our products are intended to be consumed by our dogs only and are not safe for human consumption. Please keep packages out of reach of children.
Are the chews safe for cats?
The formulas and dosages are not intended for cats.