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Our story

Hi, my name is Neža and I am the co-founder of BARKODE, and this is Mar, the best dog in the world, adopted from the street, who brought with him many challenges. Mar came to me with places without hair, he was itchy all over, he had bad digestion and he was afraid of everything. While searching for something that could help him, I realized there is a sea of dog supplements on the market, in which one can hardly find his way around, they are difficult to understand and even more difficult to trust.
Therefore, together with experts, I developed 3 different nutritional supplements in the form of gourmet treats. In this way, they are easy to dose and feed, and dogs eat them with pleasure - even when they are afraid! All three supplements contain premium and carefully selected active ingredients, are easy to understand and even easier to use. With regular use, they improve the quality of your dog's life, from the inside out, and enable him to live the full life he deserves!
First, the Multi Chew soft chews were created, which support the immune system, healthy intestinal flora, digestion and target directly related problems with itching, skin and hair. Mar loves them and waits for them after every meal!
As dog owners, we know that adding powders, pastes or pills to food is a big challenge, especially when dogs are stressed or afraid of something - that's why we developed Calming Chew soft chews, which effectively calm dogs during storms, fireworks, car drives or similar stressful situations, without affecting their psychophysical abilities in any way.
In memory of my previous dog Mak, we have also developed Mobility Chew soft chews, which were developed to ease the movement of larger and older dogs, help improve their mobility and give both of you more quality time together.
I hope they will change the live for you, who are reading this and your dog, for the better!