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Calming Chew

Promotes relaxation and calmness
30 soft chews with natural duck flavor, 75g, suitable for all dogs, 6+ months
237 reviews
Specially developed to help dogs stay calm during storms, fireworks, car trips, separation anxiety, grooming or vet visits!
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The powerful formula promotes relaxation without drowsiness or personality changes, whenever your dog needs it! With no artificial flavors, this delicious soft chew is something your dog will actually want even whey they are afraid!
  • Developed to help support brain function while encouraging your dog to relax and stay calm
  • It gives your dog the tools to deal with external stressors
  • Perfect to help calm your dog while summer storms, fireworks, environmental changes, car trips, grooming, vet visits and more
  • Easy to dose and feed for even the pickiest eaters
  • For dogs of all sizes
Easy to feed, easy to love:
Dogs under 10 kg
1 chew per day
Dogs between 10-30 kg
2 chews per day
Dogs over 30 kg
3 chews per day
For preventive care lower the dosage to half.
Full list of ingredients

Active ingredients per chew:

Organic Hemp Seed Powder, Organic Hemp Seed Oil, Organic Chamomile, Colostrum, Organic Passion Flower, L-tryptophan, Valerian Root, Organic Ginger Root, Suntheanine, Melatonin, Vitamin B1.

Inactive ingredients per chew – the gourmet part:

Coconut Oil, Oat Flour, Rice Bran, Rice Flour, Flaxseed, Natural Duck Flavoring, Sunflower Lecithin, Coconut Glycerin, Powdered Cellulose, Sorbic Acid, Rosemary Extract. Mixed Tocopherols.

Calming Chew benefits

Promotes relaxation and calmness
Our unique formula helps to keep a normal emotional balance which helps your dog feel relaxed and calm in stressful situations.
Easy to dose and feed
Instead of powders, tablets or pastes, this gourmet soft chew ensures an easy feeding to even the pickiest of eaters while being stressed or afraid!
Non-Drowsy effect
Calming Chew promotes relaxation without drowsiness or lethargy, and helps your dog maintain a normal behaviour while coping with external stressors comfortably.
Covers all stressful situations
From external stressors, environmental changes, to restlessness and separation anexiety, our Calming Chews help your dog stay calm!
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Key ingredients

Each chew can be divided to 5 equal parts: 3/5 parts contain the highest quality active ingredients and 2/5 parts make a gourmet finish, to ensure easy feeding for even the pickiest eaters!
Don’t take just our word for it
235 reviews furreal
Based on 235 reviews
Sophie Scott
Verified Buyer
I recommend this product
Amazing Tasting and Calming Chews

These chews are amazing! My dog loves the taste of them, and they really do help to calm and relax him. If you have a nervous or anxious dog, give them a try. You won’t be disappointed!

William Wilson
Verified Buyer
I recommend this product
Great Product, Pricey but Worth It

These calming chews work great for my dog, who can get anxious in certain situations. They’re a bit pricey, but I think they’re worth it for the results. Plus, my dog loves the taste, which makes giving them to him easy.

Jessica Johnson
Verified Buyer
I recommend this product
Fantastic Calming Chews

These chews are fantastic! They’ve made such a difference in my dog’s anxiety levels and overall temperament. And he loves the taste of them, which is a bonus! Highly recommend giving them a try!

Daniel Davis
Verified Buyer
I recommend this product
Effective and Delicious Calming Chews

These chews have been a game changer for my dog’s anxiety. They’re also very tasty, which makes giving them to him a breeze. Only giving 4.5 stars because they’re a bit pricey, but still worth it for the results!

Time-Saving Answers

Soft chew supplements are not a substitute for a healthy food and a healthy lifestyle, but together they ensure a better quality of life from the inside out! They target specific areas and help your dog where and when he needs it the most! In addition to physical and mental exercises, providing your dog with a healthy diet, and proper dental care, supplements can help make your dog live longer and keep them feeling youthful well into their golden years.
You can introduce the soft chews to your pup after they are 6 months old.
Our chews are tailored specifically to the size of your dog. To dogs that weigh 10kg or less, you can give 1 chew per day, to dogs between 10 and 30kg, 2 chews per day, and to dogs over 30kg, 3 chews per day. For preventive care, meaning you expect stressful situations in the near future, you can lower the dosage to half.
Thanks to our special gourmet recipe, simply offer the chews whenever you see you dog becoming stressed, anxious or scared, and they will gladly take them!
There are 30 chews in each tub.
For dogs under 10kg, one tub lasts for the entire month, for dogs between 10 and 30kg you need 2 tubs for one month, and for dogs over 30kg you need 3 tubs for one month. For preventive care, you can lower the dosage to half, and the tubs will last for one extra month.
Multi Chew soft chews have natural duck flavoring.
Yes, you can.
If you accidentally give your dog too many chews, see a veterinarian as soon as possible. If you’re unsure how many chews to give your dog, please see the Directions for use at the top of the page.
All our products are intended to be consumed by our dogs only and are not safe for human consumption. Please keep packages out of reach of children.
The formulas and dosages are not intended for cats.

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